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Training, Workshops, & International Yoga Retreats

International retreats for 2019 include:
Tour Northern India March 2019 - for full details go to

We offer workshops, training, retreats and many other types of events! Scroll down the page to see what's coming up! To sign up for events, click on the  Book Now button to the left of this page. Register, sign-up, and pay. 

Plan of Events – Yoga Lola Studios – 2018-2019

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5/30/18 Wednesday 6:30-7:45P  Meditation Heaven  with Tara & Ed
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Join us for a guided meditation, complete with crystal bowls, crystal pyraminds, and chimes, featuring Tara and Ed. 
$15 online, $20 at the door

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10/18-02/19 Friday-Sunday;  2xs/month Varies Yoga Mastery Course;
200 - Hour Teacher's Training Course

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Advance your yoga practice to the next level. This course leads to advanced knowledge of yoga and meditation,  and gives students excellent leadership and public speaking skills as well. For students interested in teaching, this course leads to a yoga teacher's certification through Yoga Alliance.  Join us to enhance and accelerate your own personal yoga journey and to learn how to use the technology to help others.  Whatever your focus, this Yoga Mastery Course helps you realize your goals.  Led by Lola Scarborough and Kevin Post. $2450
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March 9-20 2019 12-Day India Retreat Dates DO NOT include travel time Start in Amritsar India 3/9; end in Delhi 3/20

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Join us for an incredible Multi-City tour of Northern India! It's going to be fabulous! We'll also explore Eastern Philosophies about Death, Dying & Rebirth.

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Coming again in 2019 Saturday

+ Practicums

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8AM-6PM 65-Hour Energy Mastery Course; Reiki Certifications
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Students of the 65-hour program graduate with a profound understanding of the many aspects required to effectively use and heal with energy.  In addition to graduating with a Level III Reiki certification and a solid understanding how energy is used to heal, students are equipped with the fundamental business tools required to work as a Energy bodyworker.  Our course includes topics that cover  appropriate client interaction etiquette, insurance requirements, risk management, and business aspects.  Led by Lola Scarborough. See Reiki Page for details

Weekend 1 only: $450

Weekend 1 & 2 only: $900

All 3 Weekends: $1275