Wellness & Stress-Buster Services

Stress-Busters and Wellness Services:  In addition to yoga, Yoga Lola offers a plethora of wellness services that restore the mind-body-spirit to a state of balance and harmony.  These services include:  *energy work/Reiki, *meditations of all kinds, *nutritional coaching, *herbal coaching, *life coaching, *aromatherapy, and *astrology. 

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Stress-Busters and Wellness Services


Release emotional pain and trauma from the past through the structured practice of meditation. Move forward past old blocks, find clarity about how to go forward, experience more forgiveness and compassion, and release anger, depression, stress, fear, sexual repression and more.  We hold special meditations through the Studio on a regular basis and often incorporate meditation into our yoga sets. 

Reiki/Energy Bodywork

Balance and enhance your natural radiance and health by opening up the body's own energetic flow.  These sessions are a wonderful way to release old sorrow, grief, or pain; it is a powerful experience of deep relaxation. For further information on Reiki/Energy Balancing go to Lola's energy work website. For more info, visit our Reiki website. Reiki Website.  Or, purchase a Single Session or 4-Session Package

Fertility/Pre-Pregnancy Nutritional & Fitness Coaching

Boost your fertility naturally and enjoy a healthy pregnancy! Our special [ackage includes four hours of coaching, two of which are geared towards nutrition and herbals. (Lola spends at least 4 hours outside of sessions creating personalized plans specialized just for you.) Receive personalized nutritional guidance and herbal suggestions designed to help boost fertility, along with some fertility tricks and exercises. You'll learn the proper foods to eat, the best kinds of exercises to do to strengthen the reproductive system, stress relieving techniques so relaxation can take place, along with visualizations, meditations, and couple-practices that are geared for a successful pregnancy outcome. Fertility Package

Nutritional and Herbal Coaching

The best defense against disease is a good offense, and that starts with a strong immune response.  Diet is a critical component of a hardy, disease-resistant immune system.  Learn about foods and their healing properties, and what to eat to help prevent disease and optimize health. Correct use of vitamins and supplements also provides another layer of defense against aging and illness. Private appointments and workshops that we hold share information about these topics, as well foods that assist in restoring health and preventing disease.  Schedule a single appointment or really work on it with a package.  Single Session or
4 Session Nutrition & Fitness package

Life Enhancement Coaching

Learn new ways of looking at, and approaching, old habits and patterns that are holding you back!  Lola is a certified life coach and offers both traditional and nontraditional methods for helping you enhance your life, career, spiritual, financial and relationship goalsRead more ...  Single Session or 4 Session Package


Using scents to heal and uplift is a practice born in antiquity and just as effective today as it was thousands of years ago.  Aromatheraphy harmonizes and restores balance, improves mood, and relieves stress. We often recommend scents during private client consultations.


Gain powerful and sometimes life-changing nsights about yourself, your loved ones, and your life.  Single Astrology Report