Energy Mastery Course:
Reiki Levels I-III Certifications

Upon completion, graduates are a Level III Attuned Reikii practitioner and have a deep knowledge of different types of healing traditions, including Shamanic healing, Spiritual Healing (working with Guides, Angels, and Ancestors), Animal Healing and working with color and crystals. In addition to a solid understanding of how energy is used to create mind-body-spirit harmony and balance, students are equipped with the fundamental business tools required to work as an Energy Bodyworker.  Upon completion, this course offers 37 CEs for LMTs.

Exploration of Energy Healing Traditions

We teach not only traditional Reiki, but explore other practices from other traditions as well. As we travel the world and look at many different traditions, we discover how other medicine men and women, shamans, and energy workers also use energy-transfer practices within their cultures to return body and mind to health and balance.

Reiki & Chakras & Dowsing & Crystals & More

Some of the other topics we cover:

Registration, Payment, Terms & Conditions

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Payment: Please contact Lola personally if you wish to pay the NON-REFUNDABLE $250 placeholder deposit.  She'll get it set up for you. If for some reason you pay the $250 hold fee but decide not to attend, Yoga Lola DOES NOT refund the placeholder fee.

 Click here to pay in full.  Once payment is made, Yoga Lola registers you in the course and you receive confirmation of your enrollment and the dates for the class. Tuition includes all materials used in the course (books, dowsing tools, feathers, incense, etc.) 

       Cost:  All 3 Levels: $999.00 EB / $1275 Reg Registration - all materials provided
          Pay in full by Oct 21 and receive a $276 discount
          Yoga Lola Teacher Trainees / Teacher Graduates receive a $200 discount/OR the early bird discount

Students are required to take ALL three parts of the course in order to graduate with a certificate in Energy Mastery, plus their Level III Reiki Certification. Students are required to have completed Reiki I certification with Lola in order to be eligible for Reiki II and must have completed Reiki I and II certification with Lola in order to be eligible for Reiki III.  We do not accept certifications from other programs.

Additional terms and conditions, and information about the refund policy are contained in the Registration form. 

Students Talk About Yoga Lola's Yoga and Healing

Meet two wonderful and beautiful souls who were willing to share their experiences at Yoga Lola with the world.  We thank them!