About Us

Kevin and LolaOpened in 2008 by the wife and husband team of Lola Scarborough and Kevin Post, Yoga Lola Studios is a thriving and vibrant yoga, healing, and learning center.  Our emphasis is on personal development through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual channels.  We welcome people from all walks of life and from all kinds of backgrounds.  We have no interest in, or affiliations with, any
particular religious practices or creeds.  At Yoga Lola, we touch our essence through self-work, self-healing, self-responsibility, and service.

Yoga Lola Teachers

Our teachers are certified at a minimum 200-hour level, and all have extensive fitness and yoga backgrounds.  Every teacher brings his/her own practices and experiences to Yoga Lola; no two teachers are the same.  Each has his/her own unique style and way of being, which we celebrate! For this reason, you are sure to find a teacher here that is just right for you.

Lola scarborough, CYT, E-RYT, ba, Life Coach, food healer, energy bodywork, teaches kundalini, flow, flexibility

Lola is an IKYTA certified yoga teacher, a certified life coach, a certified Qi Gong Food Healer, a certified tonic herbalist, Ayurvedic training in foods and herbals, a certified aerobics teacher, a certified Level III Reiki master, a novice astrologer, and one of the co-creators of Yoga Lola Studios.  She teaches Kundalini Yoga classes (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) at Yoga Lola Studios, along with flow yoga and flexibility yoga.  She has a BA in Political Science, and a long history as a writer, teacher, and project manager in the business world.  She authors articles, and films videos, related to yoga, health, and healing for YogaMint, Life is Good, and Demand Studios. 

Lola has worked with all kinds of students, from radiantly healthy and physically fit students to expecting moms, seniors, and people suffering from or recovering from diseases of all kinds and traumas of all sorts.  She has witnessed what yoga, breathing exercises and other aspects of yogic practice (and energy bodywork/nutrition) can do to help people live fully and richly in their lives.

Lola also has extensive training in nutrition and herbals.  Trained as a food healer in the Qi Gong tradition, in Chinese Herbals Tonics, and in Ayurveda foods and herbals, she helps clients understand and boost their nutrition and health through the avenues of food and supplements.

Lola has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga, pranayama, and meditation for the past sixteen years,  and has studied with many veteran yoga teachers of the discipline.  She has been practicing energy bodywork (Reiki and more) for over 40 years, and working with nutrition and herbals for the last 15 years. 

kevin post, E-RYT, ba, MS, teaches HAWK (HOT) YOGA WORKOUT & kundalini

Kevin BioKevin has a B.S. in both Aeronautics and in Christian Theology, as well as a Masters in Aerospace.  He is a 200-hour, E-RYT certified yoga teacher.  He has been practicing different yoga styles and meditation for over eight years and has studied various indigenous cultural traditions, scientific theories, and philosophies.  A veteran vision quester, Kevin has participated in three of his own personal vision quests, as well as supporting other questers, for many years.  He is a member of the Earthtribe, a group that incorporates sweat lodges and other wisdom traditions into its teachings, for over 16 years.  Kevin has a real talent for the flute and loves to write poetry.  He has authored and presented papers on systems theory and environmentally sustainable solutions and brings an integral approach as a co-creator of the studio and in the development of the studios' workshop offerings.  He is currently pursuing a PhD in Systems Theory.

Kevin and Lola developed their own unique hot yoga style, which Kevin has perfected and is currently teaching.  He has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for eight years.  He loves the balance, peace, and stress-release yoga has brought to him personally and it brings him happiness to share these techniques with his students!


sample imageNatalya (spiritual name - Gianjot Kaur) started doing yoga in 2003 while living in the Ukraine. After relocating to the USA with her husband, Natalya discovered Kundalini Yoga in Austin, Texas while studying at the University of Texas. She fell in love with Kundalini Yoga and enjoys the happy, healthy and whole life that it helps to achieve. 

Natalya is an IKYTA certified yoga teacher and continues to expand her knowledge through advanced yoga courses.  She has taken speciality courses in yoga about depression and communication, and her journey continues.  She has a business background in law and recently received her Masters of Law degree from UT in Austin. She plans to sit for the Texas bar in the near future.   It is her dream to use Kundalini Yoga to help at-risk and special needs children acheive their full potential.

Natalya's approach to life and to teaching is very simple: love what you do and fully devote yourself to the moment to be prosperous and happy. You can find Natalya's blog at Blog.

alisa davenport, bs Health promotion, teaches hatha and HAWK HOT YOGA WORKOUT

sample imageAlisa has practiced Hatha yoga for over 14 years and has taught in a number of venues, most recently teaching yoga at the Alvin Wellness Center. Lively and outgoing, Alisa enjoys interacting with people of all ages, and in sharing her wealth of knowledge about health and wellness.  She is excited as she learns more about Kundalini Yoga and looks forward to teaching it one day, along with Hatha and HAWK Hot Yoga Workout.

Alisa's dream is to eventually turn her 7 acres in Alvin into a holistic haven, serving up heaping helpings of health and wellness to the community and beyond.

Amy robison, speaker, wise traditions nutrition certified, TEACHES HAWK HOT YOGA WORKOUT

AmyAmy began Kundalini Yoga in 2011 at Yoga Lola and enjoys the profound benefits she receives from her practice.  She played volleyball in college and coached for 5 years. Amy's main interests are holistic nutrition, traditional diets, cooking, and yoga. She is a Co-Chapter leader of the Houston-Galveston Weston Price Foundation which focuses on helping people in all states of health to their optimal well–being by providing education about whole foods and traditional diets.  In addition to her regular Kundalini Yoga practice, Amy is a Hawk Yoga Workout student and has been practicing since its inception in early 2013.  She loves it so much she decided to teach it!  Amy received her training in Hawk Hot Yoga Workout at Yoga Lola Studios, and enjoys sharing her love of the practice with her students!           


ShannonShannon began Kundalini Yoga in June 2013 at Yoga Lola and is grateful for not only the physical benefits of Kundalini, but also the spiritual growth it has provided her. Her sports background is in powerlifting and surfing, but unfortunately back injury cut her powerlifting career short. She does however, still enjoy lifting weights and passing on her knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and a holistic lifestyle on to others. One of Shannon's favorite past-times is coaching her nephew's baseball team and passing on the importance of having fun while maintaining a competitive spirit.  Always up for something new and a fitness challenge, she began taking Hawk Yoga at Yoga Lola in July of 2013 and has enjoyed it so much she decided to teach it. Shannon has a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. 

VIcky Salmones,  bs in electrical engineering, teaches HATHA AND FITNESS yoga

Vicky SalamonesVicky has been studying and praticing Hatha yoga since 2008. Yoga has helped her deeply connect with her body in new and profound ways while helping her  develop patience in all aspects of her life.  In 2013, Vicky completed her Master Level Reiki training.  Vicky uses both her yoga and Reiki background to help not only herself, but also friends, family, and clients to live balanced and healthy lives.

Vicky also enjoys physical fitness in different venues.  She is a group exercise fitness instructor and teaches cycle, water aerobics, step and strength classes.  She has completed a few running marathons as well and continues to run for fun!  As well as teaching at Yoga Lola, Vicky currently teaches Hatha yoga at 24 Hour Fitness and at the St John Hospital in Nassau Bay.  She looks forward to learning more about Kundalini Yoga and plans to teach it one day soon as well.

Kristy gerschefske, lmsw, TEACHES HAWK HOT YOGA WORKOUT

KristyKristy is an avid yogini, a natural-born athlete, a marathon runner, and a lover of the great outdoors! Her 10+ year yoga practice includes a background in HAWK Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Hatha, Bikram, Flow, and Fitness yoga.  A Yoga Lola student since 2012, Kristy is excited to now be a part of the teaching team so she can share her love of yoga with others! 

As a Licensed Master Social Worker, currently working towards her Clinical Licensure, Kristy incorporates her love of yoga into her therapy practice to help others gain insight, practice meditation, and encourage mindfulness. Upon completion of the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher training at Yoga Lola, Kristy can further help those in need by bringing yoga to lower income populations, children, and those with mental illness.
cATHERINE RUMPH, ba in communications/Marketing, IKYTA Certified yoga teacher, teaches kundalini yoga

CatherineCatherine's practice of Kundalini Yoga was "the missing link."  After receiving her BA, Catherine’s career in Sales and Marketing skyrocketed as she became a top sales producer. She later created Spread Success - a targeted marketing consulting firm, specializing in coaching small business owners.  

After years of spiritual work, Catherine was introduced to Kundalini Yoga  at Yoga Lola.  Yoga has taught her to comfortably and joyfully live inside her own skin.  Finding a connection to her physical body was Catherine’s "missing link" to living fully in the here and now.  She is an IKYTA Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, with a speciality in Yoga & Art.  Catherine’s passion and focus is Healing the Whole through Yoga, Meditation and Art. Combining these practices allows her to embody her spiritual name Sarab Sevak (meaning: complete in Divine Service) through teaching.

David robison, BA in History,  licensed physical therapist, NEURO-IFRAH® Certified, teaches anatomy - yoga lola teacher training 2014

David RobisonDavid has long dedicated himself to a life filled with health and fitness by eating well and working out. Then, in 2012, he discovered a new passion - YOGA at Yoga Lola Studios.  For many years he taught high school students History, and after a recent career change, David now works at a hospital using his skills to help patients physically rehabilitate and return to wellness.  David's future goals include completing a PhD in Physical Therapy and in becoming a certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga Lola Studios.

David is a part of the Yoga Lola teacher's training team. He looks forward to sharing his extensive knowledge of Anatomy with fellow student and teacher trainees!