Our Founders & Teacher Bios          

Yoga Lola's Founders

Partners in love, life, and the pursuit of happiness and wholeness, Lola Scarborough and Kevin Post opened Yoga Lola Studios in 2008. Growing from a student base of one student (yes,ONE) to well over a thousand students by 2016, we are a thriving and vibrant yoga, Reiki, and health & wellness training center.  Our emphasis is on personal development through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual channels. Our goal is to touch our essence through self-work, self-healing, self-responsibility, and service and to teach others how to do the same.

Teachers and Bios

Our teachers are certified at a minimum 200-hour level, and many have extensive fitness, nutrition, energy mastery (Reiki and other energy balancing techniques) along with their yoga backgrounds.  Every teacher brings his/her own practices and experiences to the class; no two teachers are alike. We celebrate each teacher's own unique style and way of being! So come and be your unique self.  You are certain to find a teacher here that is just right for you.

Lola scarborough, CYT, E-RYT-200, ba Political science,
Life Coach, Natural Foods Consultant, energy bodywork, REIKI, 
teaches kundalini, flow, flexibility, YIN, HATHA YOGAs & meditation

Lola Lola is an IKYTA and Yoga Alliance E-RYT-500 certified yoga teacher and a co-owner and Managing Director of Yoga Lola Studios.  Lola is a certified life coach, a certified Wellness & Health Restoration Natural Foods Consultant, a certified tonic herbalist, a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, a certified aerobics teacher, a certified Level III Reiki master, and a novice astrologer.  She teaches Kundalini Yoga along with many other types of yoga. She has a long history as a writer, teacher, and project manager in the business world. She authors/has authored articles, and films videos related to yoga, health, and healing.  Lola develops and oversees the 200-Hour Yoga Mastery Course/Yoga Teacher Training Yoga at Yoga Lola Studios, as well as developing the 65-Hour Energy Mastery Course and other Yoga Lola training programs.
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kevin post, E-RYT, b.s. in Aeronautics and christian theology,
M.S. in Aeronautics, teaches HAWK (HOT) YOGA & kundalini yoga,
Reiki Practitioner

Kevin BioKevin is a 200-hour E-RYT certified yoga teacher. He heads up the hot yoga development, practices, and training program for the 200-Hour Yoga Mastery Course/Yoga Teacher Training Yoga course at Yoga Lola Studios and is one of co-owners of Yoga Lola Studios.  Kevin has been practicing different yoga styles and meditation since 2007 and has studied various indigenous cultural traditions, scientific theories, and philosophies. He has a deep love and appreciation for Kundalini and Hatha yoga, and for the beautiful sounds of yogic mantra and music.  Kevin is a Level III Reiki Practitioner.
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ShannonShannon began Kundalini Yoga in June 2013 at Yoga Lola and is grateful for not only the physical benefits of Kundalini, but also the spiritual growth it has provided her. Her sports background is in powerlifting and surfing, but unfortunately back injury cut her powerlifting career short. She does however, still enjoy lifting weights and passing on her knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and a holistic lifestyle on to others.
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VIcky Salmones,  RYT-200, bs in in electrical engineering,  
teaches kUNDALINI, HATHA, FITNESS, yin, AND hawk hOT yOGA

VickyVicky has been studying and practicing Hatha yoga since 2008.  Yoga has helped her deeply connect with her body in new and profound ways, while helping her develop patience in all aspects of her life. Vicky is also a Level III Master Level Reiki Practitioner. Vicky uses both her yoga and her Reiki background to help herself, her loved ones, and her clients live balanced and healthy lives. 
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NIA ASANZA, Certified yoga teacher
teaches kundalini, FITNESS, PRE & POST-NATAL AND CHILDREN'S yoga

NiaNia was introduced to yoga at a young age by her mother, and after a number of flirtations with yoga over the years, Nia found she wanted what only a devoted practice could give her - flexiblity and a sense of inner peace.  After the birth of her son, Nia truly dedicated herself to working it out on her mat and realized how much better she felt with yoga as a regular part of her life.
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teaches KUNDALINI AND hawk hot yoga

KeenaKeena began her love affair with yoga in California in the Summer of 2000. She knows that it helped her immensely in her recover from cancer and that it has helped her stay healthy and grounded ever since. She also believes it was her practice that helped her conceive her second son! Keena's yoga experiences include Bikram Hot Yoga, pre and post-natal yoga, Fitness, Kundalini and meditation. Then, in 2015 when she met Kundalini yoga she fell in love all over again and decided to become a teacher. 
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JACLYN OLBRICH,certified yoga teacher,
teaches hawk hot yoga

JaclynJaclyn started taking HAWK Hot Yoga at Yoga Lola in 2014 to aid in health and other physical benefits. Since then, her interest in all things yoga has grown rapidly as she widened her yoga field to include Yin, Bikram, Swing, and Vinyasa Yogas! Jaclyn enjoyed yoga so much that she took the plunge and certified as a teacher through Yoga Lola's Teacher Training. Her initial approach was to simply broaden and deepen her knowledge to advance her personal practice, but as the training progressed, she realized she wanted to share in yoga not only as a particpant, but also as a teacher. 
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Denise cooper, E-RYT-200, B.S. HEALTH & HUMAN PERFORMANCE & EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY, teaches HAWK HOT YOGA, flow & alignment yoga

Lola Denise is an E-RYT 200 certified yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2001. Her style is influenced by B.K.S. Iyengar, Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Power Yoga. She is also a Level III Reiki Master Practitioner. Denise feels that Kundalini Yoga, with its focus on breath work and kriyas that target the mind, body and spirit, was the missing piece of her practice.
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ChrisChris discovered in his teen years that physical activity was a source of great help for him both physically and psychologically. This led him to study martial arts including judo, BJJ, kickboxing, wresting, boxing and MMA. While at university studing kinesiology he began training and competing in powerlifting. These expereinces in the sporting realms created and appreciation for the mind, body, and spirit connection. His entry into yoga was through the writing of J. Krishnamurti. 
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RANI HENDERSON, certified yoga teacher, b.s. marine biology

RaniRani has 10 years of outdoor/environmental education experience focused on the Galveston Bay System. Rani is also an American Canoe Association certified Level 3 Kayak Instructor and will soon have her ACA Kayak Instructor Trainer certification. Rani found yoga's ability to heal different kinds of aches, pain, and problems in the body fascinating, which led her on a journey that took her straight to Yoga Lola's teacher training program! 
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